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Last updated on 03/27/2022
Note programme might change slightly as the course progresses

Teaching arrangements

This is a tutorial-based course that combines instructor’s lectures with student-run sessions. Findings from the work carried out at the Discrimination & Inequality Lab (D-Lab), including work in progress, will also be presented and discussed in several sessions. Starred readings are compulsory for all students, as they form the basis for in-class discussions, upon which the success of this course crucially hinges. The course will last from 16 February to 11 May, 2022, unless rescheduling is needed. Students’ grades will be based exclusively on their active participation in class, including presentations and discussions (100%). 

Trigger warning


The study of ethno-racial discrimination addresses topics, theories and evidence that might be potentially upsetting and emotionally challenging. Being upset by discrimination, racial prejudice, Islamophobia, etc. is perfectly normal. Yet if you feel too uncomfortable or find it especially difficult to participate in the in-class discussions because of the nature of the topics addressed, please do let the instructor know.

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