Session 3_ Student run session_ Race and Ethncity: Conceptual Debates I  
Session description 
Sessions 3 to 5 address theoretical debates around the related concepts of race, racialization, racism and racial inequality, as well as ethnicity and boundary-making processes. Sessions 3 and 4 will be entirely student-run. Each sessions addresses a specific debate in the specialized literature. Session 3 focuses on Wimmer’s comparative approach to ethnic boundary making -and approach which Winant (2015) strongly objects to- as well as on his critique to -what he calls- race-centric approaches in the US literature. A central theme of this polemic is the conceptual status of “race” and whether racialization should be conceptualized as a specific form of ethnic-boundary making or requires a specific  conceptual status, a debate that continues in session 4, where we contrast Bonilla-Silva’s “structural” approach to race with Loveman’s boundary-making stand on the subject. Students should be able to identify the main points of each argument as well as flaws and/or inconsistencies that might appear in the course of the published discussion.